Don't lose out on what you are legally entitled to

Hundreds of timeshare contracts have been declared null and void in the Spanish courts with refunds and compensation awarded to owners.

This legal precedent has opened the door to potentially thousands of owners who signed timeshare contracts since 1999.

Find Out the Legal Position of Your Timeshare Contract From a Specialist Lawyer...

Is Your Timeshare Contract Compliant With Legislation?

What Are Your Legal Rights?

Could You Be Entitled To Have Your Contract Legally Terminated and Claim Money Back?

Discover Your Options Before You Contract Legal Services Or Lose Out On What You are Legally Entitled To!

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What is a
Viability Report?

A viability report is a document prepared by a fully qualified lawyer who specialises in timeshare law. It provides an opinion based on the information provided by you to give an indication of whether you will have a potential case to claim against your timeshare resort.

Why do I need a
Viability Report?

Each timeshare contract is different and the options available to you as a timeshare owner will often depend on the legal position of your specific timeshare contract.

There are many factors that determine whether you have a potential right to claim including contracting party, type of contract, date of purchase, applicable law, jurisdiction of the contract, terms of the contract, information included in the contract (or not included in the contract), dates of payments and duration of the contract. All these factors can determine whether a potential claim exists and if so how this claim could be processed and under which jurisdiction/s.

Before you decide to make a claim or not, it is essential that you understand your rights and the legal position of your timeshare contract.

Who will prepare
the report?

The report will be prepared by a fully qualified lawyer from M1LEGAL a firm who specialise exclusively in timeshare law. See for more details.

What will it tell me?

This detailed report highlights the following information:

  1. Key contract details to determine the basis of any possible claim.
  2. The jurisdiction and law governing the contract to determine the route of processing a potential claim.
  3. The lawyer’s overall opinion to determine whether it is viable or not to proceed with a claim.
  4. The possibility of relinquishment.

What documentation is required to obtain a report?

To process a viability report, we need your timeshare purchase agreement(s) and its terms and conditions. If you have other supporting documents in relation to your timeshare, these are also very useful in building a solid final opinion.

How much does it cost?

You can order a personalised viability report for just £295 by registering your interest below. Reports are normally completed within 7 working days from when we receive your order and supporting documentation.

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